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Solstice Medicine Company offers Chinese medicine for memory and brain function, combining the power of modern science with the wisdom of the ages. Improve your mental alertness, support the health of your brain, and maintain healthy circulation and brain function with our Chinese herbal supplements for memory and brain.

Many of our products are made from extracts of Chinese herbs, prepared by means of scientific methods, and formulated with the highest quality herbs. It's ancient wisdom in our Chinese herbal supplements for brain function and memory that results in modern, effective solutions. Solstice is proud that centuries of knowledge go into all our natural supplements.

Our Chinese medicine for brain and memory are herbal remedies that have unique benefits such as helping you stay focused and energized. We feature Chinese herbal supplements that focus on memory and brain function as well as ones that support overall health and organ function. And Solstice Medicine Company’s products are FDA approved so you rest assured that our Chinese herbal supplements are effective and safe.

Chinese Brain & Memory

Memory & Brain Function Products

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Dr. Tc. Yales Phostose Brain Tonic - Herbal Supplement Anmien Pien - Herbal Supplement Qing Nao Jiang Ya Pian - Herbal Supplement
Dr. Tc. Yales Phostose Brain Tonic - Herbal Supplement

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艾羅補腦汁 (5 fl. oz.)(150毫升) 孔雀牌安眠片 (中藥糖衣) (60片) 孔雀牌清腦降壓片 (100片)
Qing Chun Bao Anti-aging Oral Liquid - Herbal Supplement Cortex Eucommiae - Herbal Supplement Hindu Shing Yuen - Herbal Supplement
青春寶 (抗衰老口服液) 一盒10樽 貴卅复方杜仲片 (100粒) 印度神丹 (男界內服 ) (60粒)
Bu Nao Wan - Herbal Supplement Ching Chun Bao Kang Shuai Lao Pian - Herbal Supplement Buchang Naoxintong Capsule - Herbal Supplement
西安補腦丸 (300粒) 青春寶 (抗衰老片)(80片) 步長腦心通膠囊 (36粒)
Anmien Pien - Herbal Supplement Huang Lien Shang Ching Pien - Herbal Supplement Yantai Sanpien Wan ( Large Pill) - Herbal Supplement
孔雀牌安眠片 (中藥糖衣) (180片) 長城牌黃蓮上清片 (96片) 山東至寶三鞭丸 (十丸裝)
Yantai Sanpien Wan (Small Pills) - Herbal Supplement
山東至寶三鞭丸 (小蜜丸)(十丸裝)
If you need assistance with our Chinese herbal memory remedies, please call us at 1.888.221.3496 or contact our Customer Care. We strive to offer the best service possible to our customers by being helpful and responsive.