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Solstice Medicine Company is the industry leader in providing Chinese herbal cold remedies and flu remedies. With the body aches, throat soreness, and head pain that accompany a cold, keeping an effective Chinese cold remedy in your medicine chest can be vital. Not only does Solstice Medicine carry a broad selection of Chinese herbs for colds and the flu, but also a variety of pain relief products for the aches and soreness that can accompany an illness. Our Chinese herbal supplements help boost the immune system to help prevent illness.

As any expert would agree, prevention is the first step to avoiding the common cold or flu. Turning to vitamin-packed supplements can help you get through the flu season. Once you are sick, Solstice Medicine carries Chinese herbal cold and flu remedies including throat and cough lozenges, congestion relief tablets, vitamins A, D & C, as well as immunity boosting supplements. Whether you are looking for a Chinese flu remedy or something to relieve muscle pain, we carry a product that will help alleviate your symptoms. Rest assured.

Chinese Cold & Flu Remedies

Chinese Cold & Flu Products

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Coltalin - Cold Tablets (For Adults) Coltalin - Chewable Cold Tablets (For Children) Coltalin-ND - Non-drowsy Cold Tablets
幸褔傷風素 (成人)(24 片) 幸褔傷風素 (孩童)(24 片) 幸褔傷風素-ND (無睡意)(24 片)
Coltalin-DM - Cold Tablets (Cold & Cough Formula) Saplingtan Pain Reliever Yinchiao Tablet-fever Reducer Antihistamine (No Sugar Film-coated)
幸褔傷風咳素-DM (24 片) 十靈丹 (100支) 長城牌速效精製銀翹解毒片 (無糖份薄膜衣片西藥) (120片)
Coltalin - Cold Tablets (For Adults) Coltalin-ND - Non-drowsy Cold Tablets Coltalin-DM - Cold Tablets (Cold & Cough Formula)
幸褔傷風素 (成人) (36片) 幸褔傷風素-ND (無睡意) (36片) 幸褔傷風咳素-DM (36片)
Coltalin - Excaugh Coltalin - Extra Fast Cold & Flu Tablets (For Adults) Yinchiao Tablet - Antihistamine Pain Reliever-fever Reducer
幸褔化痰素 - EXCAUGH (24片) 速效 幸褔傷風感冒素 (成人) (36片) 榆林牌銀翹解毒片 (糖衣片) (西藥) (120粒)
Coltalin - Excaugh
幸褔化痰素 - EXCAUGH (36片)
If you need assistance with our Chinese cold remedies and flu products, please call us at 1.888.221.3496 or contact our Customer Care. We strive to offer the best service possible to our customers by being helpful and responsive.