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Chinese Herbs for Digestion & Stomach Health

We understand that sometimes your stomach and digestive tract needs a little help staying healthy. When it comes to Chinese medicine, stomach issues have been cured using herbs like corn mint and pearl barley for centuries. All our trusted remedies leverage cutting-edge Chinese herbal knowledge so you can benefit from these trusted health solutions. Solstice Medicine Company offers a variety of the most reliable Chinese herbs for digestion that can give your digestive system support when you need it. These supplements can help alleviate stomach pains from acid reflux, bloating, constipation, and intestinal gas.

Our popular herbal supplements provide a natural herbal solution for digestion Ė however, it's not just about helping you digest. Our Chinese herbs for stomach issues are part of an overall healthy and empowered lifestyle. When you shop our Chinese medicine, digestion isnít the only thing that can benefit from these products. The wide selection of items presented here target the kidneys, heart health, skin, head, throat, and respiratory system to help you move past upset stomachs and set you on the path for health and fulfillment.

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Bo San Yuen - Herbal Supplement Shu Kan Wan (Condensed) - Herbal Supplement Pientzehuang Pearl Cream
Pientzehuang Pearl Cream

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陳李濟寧心補腎丸 (十丸裝) 長城牌舒肝丸 (濃縮) (120粒) 漳卅皇后牌片仔瀇珍珠膏 (20克)
Vine Essence Pills - Herbal Supplement Weisen-U (L)(100 Tablets) Weisen-U (S)(30 Tablets)
御用四藤素 (60粒) 胃仙-U (大)(100粒) 胃仙-U (小)(30粒)
Xiang Sha Liu Jun Wan - Herbal Supplement Xiang Sha Yang Wei Wan - Herbal Supplement Run Chang Wan - Herbal Supplement
香砂六君丸 (200粒) 香砂養胃丸 (200粒) 潤腸丸 (200粒)
Lan Zhou Foci - Fuzi Lizhong Wan - Herbal Supplement Lan Zhou Foci - Zi Sheng Wan - Herbal Supplement Baohe Wan - Herbal Supplement
蘭卅佛慈附子理中丸 (200粒) 蘭卅佛慈資生丸 (200粒) 保和丸 (200粒)
Fang Feng Tong Sheng Wan - Herbal Supplement Tien Sau Tong - Jianshen Pill - Herbal Supplement Siang Sha Yang Wei Pills - Herbal Supplement
防風通聖丸 (200粒) 天壽堂健腎丸 (30粒裝) 香砂養胃丸 (100粒)
If you need assistance with our Chinese herbs for stomach and digestion health, please call us at 1.888.221.3496 or contact our Customer Care. We strive to offer the best service possible to our customers by being helpful and responsive.