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Solstice Medicine Company's Chinese medicine for muscle pain is the most trusted alternative to treating the symptoms of tired, achy muscles. Muscle ailments are most frequently attributed to the overuse of muscle areas, injury from sprains or exercise, physically demanding work, sports injuries, accidents that results in bruises and pain or even an indicator of infection like the flu

Chinese herbal muscle pain relief can ease your tension and alleviate your pain using proven, natural ingredients, such as menthol, camphor, peppermint and wintergreen oil, that are trusted and effective. Choose from a selection of soothing ointments, warming patches, or balms that cool and comfort on contact. All of the products from Solstice Medicine Company are FDA approved, giving you the ease of mind knowing that you are using medicine that works. We make sure we provide the highest quality Chinese herbs for muscle pain available on the market.

Chinese Muscle Relief

Muscle Relief Products

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701 Dieda Zhengtong Yaogao Medicated Plaster Electric Medicated Balm External Analgesic (S)(0.67 Oz) Po Sum On Healing Balm (S)(0.12 Oz)
701跌打鎮痛膏 (紙盒裝) (104片) 惠華萬應止痛膏 (19克) (小) 保心安膏 (小)(0.12 oz.)
701 Dieda Zhengtong Yaogao Medicated Plaster Axe Brand Pain Relieving Oil Axe Brand Red Flower Oil
701跌打鎮痛膏 (罐裝) (400CM) 斧標驅風油 (1.89 fl. oz. )(56毫升) 斧標正紅花油 (1.08 fl. oz.)(32毫升)
BST's Eucalyptus Oil Green Oil Joseph's Lion Oil
Green Oil

Product price is not filled in. This product cannot be purchased.

裴建信博士白樹油 (1.0 fl. oz.)(30毫升) 台灣綠油精 (0.34 fl. oz.)(10毫升) 澳門正庄獅子油 (2 fl. oz.)(60毫升)
Po Sum On Medicated Oil (M)(1.0 Fl Oz) Po Sum On Medicated Oil (S)(0.19 Fl Oz) Shiling Oil Medicated Oil (L)(1 Fl Oz)
保心安油 (大)(1.0 fl. oz.)(30毫升) 保心安油 (小)(0.19 fl. oz.)(5.6毫升) 十靈油 (大) (1 fl. oz.)(30亳升)
We strive to offer the best service to our customers by being responsive and helpful. If you need assistance with our herbal muscle pain relief, please call us at 1.888.221.3496 or contact our Customer Care.