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Chujoto Herbal Supplement Tea (12 Teabags)
Chujoto Herbal Supplement Tea (12 Teabags)

中將湯 (12份)
12 teabags per box
Code: CJT212


Chujoto Herbal Supplement Tea

This is a soothing, natural herbal tea that has been infused with vitamins to promote relaxation, a healthy muscular system and good overall health. It is of particular use to women in supporting the health of the female body especially during menstruation and menopause.


Chujoto Herbal Supplement Tea helps to make you more relaxed, and is particularly effective for women. This tea contains white peony root, which is often given in Asia to relieve menstrual pain. Some herbalists believe that peony root can help to block the production of chemicals in the body that cause muscle cramps.

This tea also contains licorice root, which is believed to help women deal with some of the symptoms of menopause, which can include tiredness, irritability, hot flashes and mood swings. Licorice root also provides support for healthy hormone production in women.


Chujoto Herbal Supplement Tea contains the following natural herbs:

  • White Peony Root
  • Japanese Angelica Root
  • Cinnamon Bark
  • Cnidium Rhizome
  • Tree Peony Bark
  • Polyporus Sclerotium
  • Southern Tsangshu Rhizome
  • Rehmannia Root
  • Bitter Orange Peel
  • Licorice Root
  • Nut Grass Rhizome
  • Peach Kernel
  • Chinese Goldthread Rhizome
  • Ginger Rhizome

Clove Floral Bud

  • Oriental Ginseng Root

How to Use

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Do not use if you are pregnant.