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Chinese Herbs for Fever & Flu

You know that feeling; your body temperature rises, you feel hot and flush, and you start sweating – you have a fever. A natural part of your defense against infections, a fever is the result of an immune response by your body against an invader! Chinese herbs for fever can help reduce a fever so you can rest and recover from whatever ails you.

The causes of a fever can be many things – a virus, heat exhaustion, bacteria, fungi, etc. To lower a high fever, you can rely on Chinese medicine for fever to provide relief. Many products that are cold and flu remedies also relieve fever so you are getting an extra boost. Among our products we have pain relievers/fever reducers that work to temporarily relieve minor aches and pains associated with many maladies like the common cold, headache, allergies, flu, toothache, and muscular aches. You can trust the Chinese herbs to reduce fever that we offer to be safe and effective while you travel the road to recovery.

Chinese Herbs for Fever & Flu

Fever Reducer Products

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999® Ganmao Qingre Granules Saplingtan Pain Reliever Coltalin - Excaugh
999® 感冒清熱顆粒 (120克) 十靈丹 (100支) 幸褔化痰素 - EXCAUGH (24片)
Yinchiao Tablet - Antihistamine Pain Reliever-fever Reducer Coltalin - Excaugh Coltalin - Cold Tablets (For Adults)
榆林牌銀翹解毒片 (糖衣片) (西藥) (120粒) 幸褔化痰素 - EXCAUGH (36片) 幸褔傷風素 (成人)(24 片)
Coltalin - Chewable Cold Tablets (For Children) Coltalin-ND - Non-drowsy Cold Tablets Coltalin-DM - Cold Tablets (Cold & Cough Formula)
幸褔傷風素 (孩童)(24 片) 幸褔傷風素-ND (無睡意)(24 片) 幸褔傷風咳素-DM (24 片)
Coltalin - Cold Tablets (For Adults) Coltalin-ND - Non-drowsy Cold Tablets Coltalin-DM - Cold Tablets (Cold & Cough Formula)
幸褔傷風素 (成人) (36片) 幸褔傷風素-ND (無睡意) (36片) 幸褔傷風咳素-DM (36片)
Coltalin - Extra Fast Cold & Flu Tablets (For Adults)
速效 幸褔傷風感冒素 (成人) (36片)
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