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Pientzehuang Pearl Cream
Pientzehuang Pearl Cream

漳卅皇后牌片仔瀇珍珠膏 (20克)

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0.7 oz. (20 g) per bottle
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In combination with other natural products, the South Fujian pearl has been used in beautifying creams since the Ming Dynasty. The unique active ingredients moisturize and provide nutrients for the skin, promoting skin metabolism while increasing cell activity and elasticity. Not only does it smooth and hydrate the skin, this pearl cream works to control acne blemishes and eliminate toxins found in the harsh environment. This is a great product for those with normal to dry skin.

This product is scientifically prepared from the South Fujian choice pearl in combination with other super materials as well as the world famous Pientzehuang which is made in Zhangzhou according to the secret recipe in ming court. It is a desired skin-protecting and looks-improving cosmetic. The unique active ingredients of moisture and nutrient can promote skin metabolism, increase the cell activity and elasticity, hydate and smooth the skin in deep layer. It is especially effective to control acne, blemish and chap on our skin. And it can also eliminate the harsh environment injury to the skin, such as high temperature an low temperature or strong wind and sand. Leave your skin feeling smooth, fairnes and resilience.

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Zhangzhou China

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