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Dang Gui Su - Herbal Supplement
Dang Gui Su - Herbal Supplement

當歸素 (200粒)
200 pills per bottle
Code: FC19DG


Dang Gui Su - Herbal Supplement

Dang Gui Su is designed to be especially beneficial for the health of women, and to maintain the health of the blood. It is useful for abdominal cramps that accompany menstruation.


This product contains Dong-quai root, which belongs to the celery family that grows in China, Japan and Korea. The root is often used in herbal recipes in Asia, and is also known as Chinese angelica.

According to Chinese herbalists, the Dong-quai root is believed to be effective in women in several ways. The top of the root is believed to support healthy blood. The major part of the root is believed to be a blood tonic. And, the root end is believed to support red and white blood cell growth. It is believed to be of great use during the menstruation cycle, as it can help your body to replace lost blood cells. This root also is known as ginseng for females, as it is thought to have a therapeutic effect on hormone levels in women - and to support health in women after child birth.


Dang Gui Su contains the following:

  • Dong-quai root

How to Use

We recommend that you take 10 to 20 pills, twice per day.

Product of


Not to be used during pregnancy.
Use with caution in cases of diarrhea or abdominal distention.