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Benefits of Chinese Herbs & Traditional Chinese Medicine

Solstice Medicine Company is the industry leader in delivering the highest quality Traditional Chinese Medicine and Chinese herbal remedies to the United States. We carry the largest inventory of products on the market, ensuring that you will find what you are looking for. Whether it is Chinese pain medication, beauty products, first aid or vitamins, Solstice Medicine Company carries the most trusted brands. All of the Chinese herbal medicine from Solstice Medicine Company is FDA and GMP compliant, so you know you are using medicine that works. Our innovative business practices help us maintain our position as the most reliable and successful Chinese herbal supplement distributor in the world. From branding, packaging, advertising and distribution, Solstice Medicine Company has given the public a new understanding of how unexpected tradition can be reinvented.

Featured Natural Remedies

Po Sum On Healing Balm (S)(0.12 Oz) Sanjin Uroplex Tablets Ricqlès Peppermint Oil - Dietary Supplement
保心安膏 (小)(0.12 oz.) 三金通尿片 (36片) 法國雙飛人藥水 (1.69 fl. oz.)
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If you are looking for specific Chinese herbs and medicine or need assistance on your purchase, we are always here to help. At Solstice Medicine Company, we pride ourselves on our relationships with our clientele. Whatever your Chinese herbal medicine needs may be, please feel free to get in touch with us anytime through our Customer Care.