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What to Do to Fight Colds?

A cold is a minor illness, but it is really annoying. That is why Americans spend billions every year to fight and prevent the common cold. But how much of that money is really worth it? Like with most things, it totally depends. There are many products available to fight the common cold. Letís take a look at some of them and also alternative ways to fight a cold. Trying several of these together could be what you need to stop a cold fast.


Having a stronger immune system is really the key to stopping a cold in its tracks or preventing it from coming on at all. One of the most popular products to increase immunity is Vitamin C. However, there is some conflicting evidence about whether taking supplements of Vitamin C will prevent a cold. Some evidence suggests that it may not stop a cold from occurring, but it could make a cold milder.

Other studies indicate that taking Vitamins B and E can boost the function of the immune system.

Some of the products that we offer at Solstice Med to enhance the function of the immune system are


Zinc also is well regarded as far as its ability to improve immune health. Being deficient in zinc can cause damage to immune cells. Lacking in zinc in older adults can cause immunity problems, and may result in poor response to vaccines.

Some foods that include zinc are oysters, beef, lamb and spinach.

The Herb Echinacea

This herb has been used for centuries on people with colds and flu. There is some evidence that suggests that Echinacea could provide a boost to the immune system. Herbal formulas that contain this herb may be able to slightly decrease the chance of getting a cold. It is smart to start taking a product with Echinacea as soon as you feel a cold coming on.

A popular Solstice Med product that contains this herb is Cold Taps.

Chicken Soup

Many think that it is a myth that chicken soup can help a cold. However, there is some evidence that shows it really might help! Chicken soup has several substances that can provide therapeutic benefits. You can increase the chances of the soup helping a cold by adding carrots, kale, garlic, onion, astragalus root and ginger.

Solstice Med products that contain astragalus root for supporting overall health as well as the health of the immune system, include Ching Chun Bao Anti Aging Tablets. This product is especially well known for boosting the health of the immune system, which is very important for overcoming minor illnesses.

How to Increase Your Immunity Long Term

All of the above ideas and products can help to prevent a cold. However, the best way to prevent colds and other minor health issues is to take a holistic approach. We recommend that you eat plenty of fresh, unprocessed foods that are loaded with antioxidants. That means eating a lot of fresh fruits and vegetables. When doing so, try to eat plenty of spinach, cauliflower, broccoli, kale, peppers, tomatoes, carrots, oranges, apples, blueberries and raspberries to name a few.

Also, drink a lot of filtered water; drinking a lot of water is essential for good health. Get plenty of exercise at least 3-4 days per week and sleep at least eight hours per day. By fueling your body with good food and getting a lot of rest, you really provide a boost to the immune system.

And last, relieving stress every day, such as with exercise, and also a positive mental outlook are very important to keep a strong immune system.

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