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Ginger was first cultivated and prepared as a food with health benefits in China and India. Today, it’s also referred to by its binomial name Zingiber officinale, which highlights its “official” place in the pharmacy of natural medicines. Ginger has had great value to support digestive function which have been validated by current research. Scientific studies have demonstrated that ginger may help to maintain healthy GI flora, aid the digestion of dietary fats, and calm and soothe the digestive tract.* Ayurvedic medicine uses ginger to support heart and joint health. *

In traditional Chinese medicine ginger is seen as a “warming” herb. Ginger possesses a number of constituents that may support healthy cardiovascular function and promote a balanced immune system response.*

Solstice Medicine Company offers time-tested Chinese herbal supplements that can support your dietary needs today.

* These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.


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701 Dieda Zhengtong Yaogao Medicated Plaster Woo Garm Yuen - Herbal Supplement Bak Fung Yuen - Herbal Supplement
701跌打鎮痛膏 (罐裝) (400CM) 陳李濟婦科烏金丸 (十丸裝) 陳李濟婦科白鳳丸 (十丸裝)
Du Huo Jisheng Wan - Herbal Supplement Tin Hee Yuen - Herbal Supplement Niuhuang Qingxin Wan - Herbal Supplement
獨活寄生丸 (濃縮) (100粒) 天喜丸 (女性內服)(10粒) 同仁堂牛黃清心丸 (十丸裝)
Bee Brand Medicated Oil (L)(3 Fl Oz) Bee Brand Medicated Oil (M)(2 Fl Oz) Li Chung Yuen - Herbal Supplement
印尼萬應莪术油(大) (3 fl. oz.)(90 毫升) 印尼萬應莪术油 (中)(2 fl. oz.)(60 毫升) 陳李濟附子理中丸 (十丸裝)
Au Wong Yuen - Herbal Supplement Solstice - Xiao Yao Wan - Herbal Supplement Bu Zhong Yi Qi Wan - Herbal Supplement
陳李濟清心牛黃丸 (十丸裝) 逍遙丸 (200粒) 補中益氣丸 (200粒)