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Long Dan Xie Gan Wan - Herbal Supplement
Long Dan Xie Gan Wan - Herbal Supplement

龍膽瀉肝丸 (200粒)
200 pills per bottle
Code: FC38LD


Long Dan Xie Gan Wan - Herbal Supplement

Long Dan Xie Gan Wan is used to support the health of the liver and biliary system, liver, mouth, inner ear, chest and urinary tract.


Long Dan Xie Gan Wan contains Baikal skullcap root, which is a plant that is grown in East Asia that also is known as Huang Qin. It grows on sunny slopes in high elevations in Asia. This root has long been used as a potent Chinese herb. All of the parts of the plant traditionally were used to help with various ailments, but the Chinese have long believed that the root itself has the most potent ingredients. The root has been used in the past to support liver health as well as urinary tract health. It also is believed to help and to support the health of the immune and circulatory systems.


Long Dan Xie Gan Wan contains the following:

  • Scabrous Gentian Root and Rhizome
  • Bupleurum Root
  • Asian Water Plantain Tuber
  • Rehmannia Root
  • Baikal Skullcap Root
  • Mature Gardenia Fruit
  • Zhu Ling Sclerotium
  • Dong-quai Root
  • Chinese Licorice Root and Rhizome
  • Starch

How to Use

We recommend that you take eight pills, twice per day.

Product of

Not to be used if pregnant or nursing.
Not for prolonged used or in high doses except under supervision of a qualified health practitioner.
Not recommended in cases of diabetes, hypertension, liver disorders, severe kidney insufficiency, nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, loss of appetite, or hypokalemia; and may potentiate potassium depletion of thiazide diuretics and stimulant laxatives, as well as the action of cardiac glycosides, and cortisol.
Use with caution in cases of abdominal distention.