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What Chinese Licorice Root Can Do To Improve Your Health

Chinese licorice root has a well-deserved reputation in China for being able to detoxify the body. In fact, it is thought by some researchers to be able to remove more than 1200 toxins from the human body! This is why this herb is known in Asia as ‘the great detoxifier.’

Chinese licorice root is often mixed into a variety of Chinese herbal supplements to boost the effects of many other herbs, and removing some of their less beneficial side effects.

We know with modern science that Chinese licorice root is an effective anti-inflammatory, anti-bacterial, anti-oxidant and anti-viral herb. It is well known in the West as being effective for its expectorant and demulcent abilities. This is the reason that it often is a key ingredient in many brands of cough syrups – it is helpful to loosen phlegm and congestion in the upper respiratory system. This root also is useful to support the health of the upper respiratory system overall, which makes it useful in fighting colds, flu and a sore throat.

In China, this root is believed to have many healing properties that support human health. Some of the conditions for which the root is thought to be helpful include:

Chinese licorice root has been used for centuries in China to help with many of these conditions. In particular, many people in ancient times used the herb to help with ulcers. Modern science has indicated that the herb does possess the ability to reduce stomach acid levels, which can help with indigestion and mild heartburn. For some users, it also has a laxative effect. Further, it can relieve minor problems with inflammation and irritation in the intestines.

It also can boost the immune system by increasing levels of interferon in the blood, which is a chemical that fights viruses.

Chinese licorice root also has been found to have many other substances that may be able to help it heal and support the health of the body. For example, it contains glycyrrhizin, which has many helpful effects on many body systems. It seems to be useful in preventing breakdown of adrenal hormones and cortisol. This makes such hormones more useful and available to our bodies.

It also has powerful antioxidants that can be effective in fighting body infections. Further, Chinese licorice root is thought to have an effect similar to aspirin, which can make it relieve a fever or mild headache.

Our Recommendations

Bak Fung Yuen

This is a powerful, natural herbal supplement for women that supports the reproductive health of women. One of its key ingredients is Chinese licorice root. This product supports the health of the sexual organs in women, and also supports heart health as well as overall mental health.

In this product, Chinese licorice root supports the health of the immune system, as it boosts levels of interferon.

Hsiang Sha Yang Wei Pills

This product supports the health and proper function of your digestive system. It is often used in China in many areas to support good digestion. It also is useful to help with indigestion and nausea. In fact, this mix of herbs has been used for centuries in China to relieve stomach upset. This product contains Chinese licorice root, which again supports the health of the immune system.

Anmien Pien

This is another excellent product that contains Chinese licorice root, and this product supports good sleep patterns, which can make you more energetic. It is used often in China to help with sleeping and relaxation. The licorice root in the product is thought to help with fatigue and inability to sleep, and also good function of the liver.

We recommend that you try one or more of these products to see how Chinese licorice root can support good health for your body.

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